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I have always kept a journal, and turned to writing and poetry in times of difficulty. The power of words and images have brought me solace, relieved confusion and helped me feel less alone. The author Jeanette Winterson has described fiction and poetry as 'medicines' which can help us heal and discover our own truth. Reading and writing poetry, journaling and expressive writing can all be enormously helpful in supporting us through difficult times and enabling us to listen to our own wisdom and to change. Click on the PDF image below to read 'The Journey', a poem often used in poetry therapy to explore many themes about our relationship to self and others. I use a range of expressive writing tools with clients who wish to explore this healing art form as a part of their own journey.
Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. The Journey

How does poetry therapy work?

I am a Certified Applied Poetry Therapist ( International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy.) and run a variety of ongoing personal and professional development groups using poetry therapy and expressive/reflective writing. If you are interested and want to find out more about this powerful method of personal development please get in touch.

Recent testimonials from both individual clients and workshop participants;

‘’Pam thanks again for yesterday. It felt very important and galvanising. I’m already amazed by how the process of reading and writing poetry as part of therapy enables me to go so much deeper and broader, faster (and in another way, not amazed, as this is what I had thought might happen…but hardly dared to hope!’)’’

‘’ Pam's facilitation style is much more active than I've experienced previously, but this is conscious and feels appropriate. Pam selects a range of poems for stimulus, and ensures a good chunk of each session is made up of me actually writing in the moment, as well as between sessions. Working in this way has helped me to improve the breadth, depth and clarity of my thinking, understand myself better on an emotional level, and rediscover my voice. Perhaps most unexpectedly, it’s also helped me to overcome challenges and solve problems in my role and outside of work. It puts me in mind of a kind of creative physiotherapy – consciously exercising an underused muscle to increase flexibility and strength.’’

‘’You are a highly skilled facilitator of groups and in addition to making it look effortless there is a certain magic in what you do. I have always looked forward to your workshops because I know that I am going to be inspired and uplifted. You hold the group and the process well, gently encouraging people to share without pushing people to reveal beyond their own comfort levels…Great use of materials you really know your stuff, experience and knowledge of poetry as a therapeutic tool as well as a knowledge of poetry shown in the exquisite choice of poems to work with.’’

Workshops and Courses

FLOURISH an online creative writing course of 5 sessions starting JUNE 2024, AN INSPIRATIONAL COURSE FOR WOMEN FACING CHANGE WHO WANT TO RECLAIM, CREATE AND LIVE THEIR OWN STORY, led by Pam Winter & Kate Oldfield-click on link to 'The Writing Well' below for more information or contact Pam.

JustClick here to visit The Writing Well
Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. flourish

''Necessary Light'' Writing and Supervision Group.

Ongoing monthly supervision group since 2020 NOW WORKING ONLINE, for counsellors and coaches interested in exploring and using expressive, reflective and therapeutic writing for personal development and professional practice.
No previous experience needed just an interest in writing and willingness to let your pen ''follow the wings of the imagination''.

Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. Necessary Light

Please see the testimonials here from the 2017 Older Women's Creative Development Group.
Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. Owl Testimonials

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