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Reading and writing, for health and wellbeing, is gaining increasing recognition in the UK and we have an organisation, Lapidus, which promotes this. I have always turned to both fiction and poetry in times of difficulty and the power of words and images have brought me solace, relieved confusion and helped me feel less alone. I believe poetry can,

''awaken our minds and spirits, sooth our hearts and even transform the course of our lives''
(Poetry & Story Therapy,p24 Geri Giebel Chavis 2011)

Some clients have told me that certain poems have 'saved' their lives and I know that Mary Oliver's poem 'The Journey' was a pivotal poem in helping me to make a big change in my own life. The author Jeanette Winterson has described fiction and poetry as 'medicines' which can help us heal and discover our own truth. Indeed at times I have 'prescribed' poems such as 'The Journey' to people struggling at a crossroads in their own lives. Reading poetry, writing our own poems, journaling and creative writing can all be enormously helpful in supporting us through difficult times and enabling us to listen to our own wisdom and to change. Click on the PDF image below to read 'The Journey'.
Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. The Journey

Poetry therapy then is simply a way of applying literature to personal healing and growth. It's been a longstanding personal interest of mine which I am now developing in a professional capacity by training to become a Certified Applied Poetry Therapist with the International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy. Since September 2017 I have been running an ongoing Creative Development Group for older women which uses poetry therapy and expressive writing. If you are interested in the group and want to find out more about this powerful method of personal development please get in touch.

I am pleased to offer two workshops; ''Writing for Resilience'' at Oasis, Boston Spa in September 2019 and ''Pathways on and off the Page'' Marsden, July 2019.

New ''Necessary Light'' Writing and Supervision Group.
I am starting an ongoing monthly supervision group in February 2020 in central Manchester, for counsellors and coaches interested in exploring and using expressive, reflective and therapeutic writing for personal development and professional practice.
No previous experience needed just an interest in writing and willingness to let your pen ''follow the wings of the imagination''.
Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. PathWays

Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. Writing for Reslience

Poetry Therapy & Creative Writing. Owl TestimonialsPlease see the testimonials here from the 2017 Older Women's Creative Development Group.

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