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Outdoor Therapy; Nature as Co-Therapist

We know intuitively that being outdoors in natural spaces can be very restorative and helpful to our physical and mental health. Their is also an increasing body of research to support this experience (MIND 2007)
An important aspect of my work therefore is to work outdoors with those clients who are interested in doing so. Working in natural spaces can significantly enhance the benefits of therapy for some people and Marsden offers a suitable landscape for this work.

How do outdoor sessions work?

Sessions might be a mixture of walking and talking and writing.
Sessions might be more focused on staying in one place
You do not have to be super fit to work outdoors
All the ususal protocols for effective therapy still apply and we will carefully contract together about managing the work outdoors

For further information please contact me.

Choice of Outdoor Spaces

There are a variety of settings we can work in, including mixed woodland, canal and river paths, open meadow and moorland. These are easily accessible from Marsden train station. Being outdoors is not a test of fitness, the focus is about connecting with nature and we negotiate together what terrain you prefer.
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